La Tour d' Afton

Unfiltered Red Table Wine


From this very small mountaintop vineyard looking south on the foothills of the Blue Ridge, a stone's throw away from Skyline Drive, comes this unique styled blend. Only 4 barrels or 1,080 bottles were produced in 2008 using the most natural wine making-process. No commercial yeast, bacteria or other oenological enhancers are used, the rustic old fashion way. Dedication and timing is our technology: gentle de-stemming, fermentation in open oak barrels with the grapes' own natural yeasts, aging 20 months in French oak barrels. A minimum of sulfite and no filtration bring to your palate a complex, full body red wine with a great personality. A proud ambassador of Central Virginia with its own terroir and its great view over the Rock Fish Valley. Our happy set of circumstances brings you this rare wine.

The Wine

Our workplace is underground and huge, which followed the law of unintended consequences: perfect for the workings of a limited wine production.

The production, from the vineyards management to wine making is made under the direct supervision of a premier wine maker of the region, Mr. Matthieu Finot.

Very good wines are appreciated by individuals with knowledge, nose, taste buds and palate, not a very common occurrence. Our aim is to produce a limited quantity of excellent red wine, a unique blend that may vary from one year to the next to better reflect the year's harvest. The targeted customer is a connoisseur, who sees value and pleasure in his glass and is interested in the exclusivity of a very limited production. Although the pace of life has induced customers to drink young wines, our wine can be considered "vin de garde", having all the elements for improvement over the years in your cool cellar.

The wine is made manually from harvesting to de-stemming and cap punching, using the natural yeasts of the grape, and is left to mature in barrels in controlled temperature for 22 months in the underground wine cellar. Bottles are cellared for an other 12 months before being dressed up for sale.

With the coming of our half acre of Merlot, La Tour d'Afton evolved to a 4 wines blend (40% Petit Verdot, 20% Cabernet Franc, 20% Merlot, 20% Malbec). A grand total of 5 barrels or 120 cases are produced in good years.

Wines available for sale in 2021.
2015 La Tour d' Afton (while supply last)
2017 La Tour d' Afton
2015 Le Rouge et le Noir (50/50 Tannat/Petit Verdot)
2016 Afton Noir (100% Tannat)


La Tour d'Afton is sold at the tasting room of our neighbor and friends: Stinson Vineyards' commercial winery. a producer of very fine Virginia Crozet/Whitehall wines.

La Tour D'Afton available for sale in 2020 is the 2015 vintage while the supply last and 2017 later in the year.
This spring will see a return of our 100% Malbec as a 2016 vintage and a rare 2015 50/50 blend of Petit Verdot and Tannat named Le Rouge et le Noir and the Afton Noir for sale at Wisdom Oak Winery in North Garden.

Turk Mountain Vineyards is a member of the Virginia Vine Growers Association.

Turk Mountain Vineyards Winery is a licensed farm winery, contributing in a modest way to the Virginia wine industry and economy.